Did you know that an audio player affects the sound quality of your audio system?

Best Sound, Without Compromises, Meet BAPU

Proudly presented in co-operation with Marko Hietala

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About BAPU

This is BAPU

  • BAPU is an audio player that has simply the ultimate sound quality
  • It is an audio software for mobile devices
  • It provides the best starting point for your audio system

What it does

  • BAPU player will improve the performance of all your audio systems regardless of the quality of your audio equipment
  • Improves sound quality of all different audio file formats
  • Produces completely  jitter-free sound
  • Produces completely distortion-free sound
  • Brings high-end quality of digital audio sound, a feature unheard off until now in mobile devices

What happens to your sound

  • The coldness and harshness of digital sound will vanish completely and the sound becomes organic
  • Timing of the transients in music will be played out as they were originally recorded
  • You will find new amazing details in the the music
  • The true dynamics of the music recording will be revealed

Longer Battery Life

  • With BAPU you can play longer
  • BAPU saves lot of battery/battery lifespan




BAPU brings love for listening to music



BAPU player is available for following platforms


  • BAPU Player for iPhone/iPad is available in App Store
  • BAPU Player for Android is coming soon.
  • BAPU Player for macOS is coming soon.
  • BAPU Driver for macOS is coming soon.


BAPU Features


User interface

BAPU player app offers logical easy user friendly interface and user experience.

The best sound

Analogue like sound quality, clear details, accurate timing, higher dynamic range, jitter and distortion free sound.


High resolution audio support, support all common audio formats (including WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, AAC), support for iOS compatible external audio cards (up to 24bit/192kHz resolution), provides better sound for 3rd party applications via BAPU Inter-App Audio sound driver (In-App purchase).

You can improve the sound quality of SoundCloud, Spotify (with premium account) and your MP3’s of your iTunes library by using 3rd party application Amplifind and by activating Inter-App Audio in BAPU player.


iTunes File Sharing for music transfer (located in iPhone/iPad settings in iTunes). Apple iCloud Files Sharing for music transfer. Transfering music from Dropbox, iCloud, and Drive cloud.


Sound quality improvement on all iOS driven audio systems.


Improved battery life on mobile devices while playing music. Hours of more listening.


How To

Playing music on BAPU

The alternative ways to listen and enjoy your BAPU

  • Connect headphones with the Belkin 3.5 mm Audio + Charge RockStar™ to your new iPhone 7, 8, X, Xr, Xs, 11, or 11 Pro.
  • Connect headphones to your iPhone/iPad
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to your stereo. For analog connection to stereo system use an iPhone to stereo cable.
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to your car audio system. In your car’s audio system you need an aux connecting point that supports iPhone connectivity or Bluetooth for wireless connection.
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to a portable/Bluetooth speaker using a 3.5-mm cable or Bluetooth for wireless connection.
  • For a Line-Out connection you can use an iPhone Lightning Dock which has a Line-Out feature and connect the dock to powered speakers or to stereo either using a 3.5-mm cable or an iPhone to stereo cable.
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to an external sound card with a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and connect the output of the sound card to powered speakers or to stereo either using a 3.5-mm cable or an iPhone to stereo cable.





September 15, 2022: BAPU iPhone player now supports A/B test, master quality up/downsampling and playing dff and dsf (DSD, Super Audio CD (SACD) ) files natively.

January 24, 2020: High-quality version of Marko Hietala’s ”Pyre of the Black Heart” album with BAPU audio player

October 25, 2019: High-quality version of Marko Hietala’s debut solo album with BAPU audio player

April 3, 2019: BAPU web pages have been published.




Co-operation announcement

BAPU is co-operating with a well-known artist Marko Hietala

BAPU is proud to announce a newly formed co-operation with a song writer and a well-known international artist Marko Hietala. Read more




Meet the Team

We are a small team from Country of Finland ranging diverse of backgrounds ranging from music, programming, science, business and design.

To contact us or ask us more about BAPU, please email info [at] or fill out our Contact Form.