Using the Sound Driver

As part of the launch of the music playback software, we will also make available a separate audio driver, as an ”In‐App” purchase, to enhance the sound quality of all third‐party software if the third‐party software supports Inter‐App audio.

You can improve the sound quality of SoundCloud and your MP3’s of your Apple Music player by using 3rd party application Amplifind and by activating Inter-App Audio in BAPU player.

Video: Improve sound quality of Apple Music with BAPU

With djay 2 and day Pro (older versions of djay software) you can improve the sound quality of your audio files in Apple Music player.

Programs that support output can be found on the web site:, and effects:

Follow the next steps to enable the use of an audio driver and thus improve the sound quality of your iPhone.

  1. Start a first 3rd party program (see below for examples of programs supported), which supports the ”Inter‐App Audio” output (also called ”Generator”).
  2. In BAPU-Player, select More -> Inter-app Audio Driver.
  3. Click ”Subscribe Now” and choose either monthly or yearly subscription.
  4. Go Back and click on ”Inter-App Audio Improvement”
  5. If necessary, select ”Restore” and then select Inter-app Audio again
  6. Click ”Activate Audio Driver”
  7. Click the ”Add Instrument” button and then select the program on your phone that
    supports the Inter‐App audio output. ”Generator” is written next to the name. Now, a sound quality improvement is in use.

You can ’click’ the sound driver icon, which causes a connected 3rd party program to open. Typically, the Bapu icon will appear on a 3rd party software so you can make sure that a sound quality improvement is certainly running.

Inter-App Audio (IAA) is a technology developed by Apple Inc and designed to route audio and MIDI signals between various applications within devices based on the iOS mobile operating system.

Inter-App Audio (Wikipedia)